Is Nancy Pelosi's son secretly colluding with China behind his mother's back?

Is Nancy Pelosi’s son secretly colluding with China behind his mother’s back?

The son of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was one of the largest shareholders in the Chinese tech company whose president was recently arrested. However, Paul Pelosi kept his stake a secret until he accompanied his mother on a mysterious trip to Taiwan.

The man was not only a shareholder in the telecommunications company Borqs Technologies, but also a business consultant. Since he was not on the official delegation list, the politicians attributed all this to him Reservation That the Pelosi family did business during the visit, casting her mother’s political position in a bad light.

Of course, the speaker denies the accusations, but the Pelosi family has been in the midst of a fire for some time now, as Nancy Pelosi’s husband was recently accused of insider trading, which in theory brought the family millions in profits. While the Speaker of the House earns approximately $223,500 annually in his government role, many estimate his net worth at $252 million.

By the way, since the visit of Nancy Pelosi, the Chinese Navy and Air Force have been constantly “exercises”, and are ready in principle to attack Taiwan. As the Chinese government claims, the United States has “interfered in China’s foreign affairs” and, in response to the threats, suspended climate protection and military policy cooperation with the United States, and suspended dialogue between senior military leaders.

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