There will be no matches in Colombia, our Argentina can host an American Cuba individually

Colombia will not stage any rallies on June 13 to start soccer in the Copa America after the Confederation of South America (CONMEBOL) rejected a request from the country’s government to postpone the tournament until November.

“The day of international competition and the logistical location of the event do not allow us to keep pace with the Copa America,” Konmebol said, noting that the tournament will certainly be held and that the good places for matches originally planned for Colombia will be. “in the coming days”.

In addition to the Copa America event in November, which was postponed from last year due to the Coronary Artery Act, Colombians have been campaigning in hopes of allowing more people to enter the stadiums by then. In April, Colombia’s Sports Minister Ernesto Lucina Barreiro said it was “safer than ever”, but only closed gates could host the clashes.

Brazil Vlogatott Cmvdje Amarsia CupForers: Brazilian Press / Brazilian Press / Anderson Lyra

Alberto Fernandez, president of the Argentine organization, recently said in an interview, they will consider it Nll if the legal situation allows it.

The opening match of the 47th Copa America, which has been postponed from last year, will take place on June 13 in Argentina and Chile in Buenos Aires, and on June 10 in Barranquil, Colombia. This time, only South American competitors will participate in the tournament, after Australia and Qatar the invitees have resigned.

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