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The year has just begun and a government crisis may indeed come

The year has just begun and a government crisis may indeed come
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According to Italian newspaper reports, the fate of Giuseppe Conte’s government will be decided by January 7. The well-informed news portal Avaritaliani generally estimated the chances of a government crisis at more than ninety percent. However, other sources are studying the possibility of changing the government.

The ultimatum was led by Matteo Renzi, who gave Giuseppe Conte the ruling party of the living government of Italy (IV) about three percent. The fourth had announced that it would withdraw its two ministers from the government by January 7 if the prime minister did not comply with the party’s demands. The fourth demands include that the prime minister involve government parties as broadly as possible in the use of the country’s economic recovery fund of 209 billion euros, as well as the use of European Stability Mechanism (ESM) funds. In addition, Matteo Renzi urges Giuseppe Conte to hand over command of the secret services, which the prime minister has assumed responsibility for months.

Matteo Renzi made no secret of his willingness to “challenge” even Giuseppe Conte in Parliament, who without the fourth senators does not have the majority needed to rule in the Senate. Analysts say Matteo Renzi wants to change the prime minister, not the government. Comments indicated that Renzi was the godfather of the second Conte government formed in September 2019: at that time, the Five Star Movement (M5S) behind Giuseppe Conte continued to rule with the left-wing Democratic Party (PD) instead of the right-wing League.

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However, Giuseppe Conte considers his position as head of government to be certain, arguing that no one really wants a crisis and early elections, so he is ready to seek confidence in Parliament. Observers see tensions in the government that the Democratic Party could use to its advantage to request new ministerial portfolios in exchange for the prime minister’s support. President Sergio Mattarella has previously ruled out the possibility of forming a third government for Conte, but the current health and economic emergency also makes it difficult to hold new elections. The head of state has the opportunity to dissolve Parliament until July, which will not be possible until the next president in 2022.

Meanwhile, Giorgia Meloni, president of the Italian Brothers on the Right (FdI), launched an online signature group for the resignation of Giuseppe Conte, who had reached 100,000 people by Sunday within twenty-four hours.

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