During the day, bailiffs also appeared at the Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty Moscow office.

On Friday, the opposition classified Russian authorities as foreign agents VTimes News portal and send the implementers to the Moscow office of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (SZER / SZR) to recover unpaid fines.

a VTimesIt was founded last year by a group of journalists who prof Vidomuszty The newspaper’s new editor-in-chief allegedly wants Kremlin-friendly censorship. For a long time, Vedomosti was seen as one of the few high-impact cards not directly under the control of the authorities or businessmen close to the political leadership.

a VTimes In less than a month, the Kremlin was the second crucial media outlet after the independent news portal Meduza, which was announced as a foreign agent. Information materials classified as foreign agents under the law in force in Russia may only be distributed with such signs. The content should be indicated to serve the interests of other countries.

Foreign-funded companies are subject to increased official control.

According to Medusa, the official action hindered his journalistic activities and thus ruined his business.

During the day, bailiffs arrived at the Moscow office of Radio Free Europe / Radio Freedom Limited Liability Company and began handing over the equipment. SZER / SZR bank accounts are banned in Moscow. The company has been notified of the commencement of implementation procedures. “We will not allow ourselves to be silenced with such violent tactics, and we will not let our Russian audience down,” said Jimmy Fly, President of SZER / SZR.

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In February, the Free Europe Radio / Freedom Radio Joint Stock Company and its director were fined 11 million rubles (about 44 million Ft) by the Russian Media and Communications Inspectorate (Roscomnadzor) for failing to indicate in company materials that he is a foreigner. Agent in Russia. For this purpose, a total of 71.5 million rubles (more than 280 million forints) of fines were imposed on the Media Company of Russia.

Relevant legislation was extended in 2019 to include individuals, including bloggers, according to human rights defenders, with the aim of silencing dissidents. The list of foreign clients in Russia currently includes 20 press personnel and staff.

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