The United States supports the Lebanese soldiers with one hundred dollars a month

The US ambassador in Beirut announced that the United States is providing $72 million in aid to Lebanon in order to raise the salaries of its soldiers and police.

Photo: Anton Petros

One-time current support allows you to do that

The Lebanese police and soldiers must each receive one hundred dollars a month in addition to their salaries for six months in the midst of economic hardship.

The Associated Press news agency writes that public security and stability in Lebanon are threatened by the state’s inability to pay acceptable salaries to members of the army and police.

Before the crisis, a recruiter was earning roughly $800 a month (288,000 HUF), but due to the depreciation of the Lebanese pound, this is now worth just over a hundred dollars.

US Ambassador Dorothy Shea called on the Lebanese government to end the political impasse and implement economic reforms that the country has agreed to. With the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In April 2022, Lebanon signed a preliminary agreement with the International Monetary Fund on an economic recovery plan, contingent on a series of economic reforms and anti-corruption measures, but implementation of the reforms has been slow due to political deadlock.

General Joseph Aoun, the commander of the Lebanese army, said the circumstances prompted them to turn to the international community for support. He added that the current crisis is perhaps the most serious crisis the Lebanese army has ever faced. The National Police Commander, Imad Othman, also admitted that the financial crisis affected the performance of the security men.

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The second phase of the reconstruction program has ended, and then the third phase of the restoration work can begin.

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