The United Kingdom and Japan have made a landmark agreement

The agreement, which significantly expands defense and security cooperation and is the most comprehensive agreement between the two countries in more than a hundred years, was signed by the two heads of government at London’s world-famous old castle, the Tower. On the banks of the River Thames.

The location is symbolic: the tower is guarded by the second shogun of the Tokugawa dynasty, Hidetada by James I In 1613, he donated a decorative shield to the English king.

A central element of the bilateral defense and security agreement signed by the British and Japanese prime ministers on Wednesday is that it will be possible for the two countries to station armed forces in each other’s territory, and this will allow for the joint planning and implementation of larger and more complex military exercises than before.

Britain is the first European country with Japan of this kind – Provide mutual access to each other’s areas – A defense cooperation agreement was concluded.

Preparing for the convention last May, continues Boris Johnson started during his tenure.

COVER PHOTO: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his Japanese counterpart Fumio Keseda shake hands after signing an agreement in London on January 11, 2023. MTI/EPA/Pool/Bloomberg/Chris J. Ratcliffe

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