The Temtem theme is just around the corner, let's see what's new in Patch 1.0!

The Temtem theme is just around the corner, let’s see what’s new in Patch 1.0!

After two years of early access, the world’s most promising Pokémon clone, Temtem, has finally reached all its glory. Let’s see what new things await us on Magical Monster Island!

Temtem provided exactly what fans needed: an online Pokémon world where trainers from all over the world could fight side by side. Of course, we can do all this without the official licenses, in a completely unique, but still wonderfully colorful stadium, with more than 160 mutts waiting for us to explore.

And the 1.0 patch that marks the official release is just an arm away: the game will leave the Early Access incubator on September 6. This is the time when many people will learn about the strange creatures from the Airborne Archipelago for the first time, but even those who already know a lot of the adventures in the first edition will not be left without new things.

The floating archipelago will await us, a completely new area and many new challenges. In addition to defeating local trainers, we will also be able to face holographic ones – this will be a kind of survival mode, and in the end serious rewards await us. Of course, the two-person Digilair and the ever-changing tower maze also contain treasures, so we’ll have plenty to furnish our little house. By the way, the release also marks the beginning of the seasons of Temtem, which will enrich the world of tamed monsters with new content every few months.

Temtem was released September 6 on PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

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