The Slovak Prime Minister apologizes after jokingly that he promised Transcarpathia to the Russians in exchange for vaccines

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Slovakian Prime Minister Igor Matovic’s statement on Tuesday about a commercial radio station in Bratislava caused a diplomatic problem, the Slovak Public Service News Agency (TASR) reported.

In response to a question from Radio Express about what Slovakia had promised Moscow about a vaccine against the Russian Fifth Sputnik virus, jokingly, he said: Transcarpathia. Then he added, “Of course nothing … I was just trying to get the vaccine.”

Matovi announced this on Monday Slovakia has bought two million doses of the Russian Vaccine against Sputnik VThe first shipment arrived in the city of Al-Kasa. A contract with the Russian side without the knowledge of its coalition partners It sparked an internal political stormRádio Express also asked the Prime Minister of Slovakia about this.

Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovi in ​​Brussels on October 15, 2020.Photo: Dursun Aydemir / Anadolu Agency, via AFP

But in response to Igor Matovic’s frivolous statement, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday asked Slovakian lawyer Matos Corbu to protest the statement and requested an official apology from Slovakia.

According to Kiev, Matovich’s statement “is clearly unacceptable”, “negatively affects” the Ukrainian-Slovak relations, and “harms the Ukrainian people who are suffering from Russian aggression.” Therefore, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry demands the Slovak Prime Minister an official apology.

The head of the Slovak diplomacy said that the Slovak Foreign Minister Ivan Kuruk then called his Ukrainian partner and officially apologized to Dmitry Kuliba for the “inappropriate” statement by the Slovak Prime Minister.

In his post today, Ivan Matovich apologized for his words, admitting that his response was not correct. Slovakia’s position on the territorial integrity of Ukraine has always been very clear. Compliance with international law is inevitable. I apologize to all Ukrainians for my inappropriate response, which may have undermined their just efforts, ”Matovic wrote. (MTI)


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