The series about Marc Marquez debuted with a huge failure, the fans were outraged

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The documentary series on Marc Marquez became available on Monday, but it hasn’t gone smoothly. In many countries, including Hungary, the episodes could only be watched in the evening hours, which caused great indignation among audiences.

As mentioned, the day that many MotoGP and more Marc Márquez fans have been waiting for has arrived on Monday, and the documentary series Marc Márquez: ALL IN is now available on Amazon Prime Video. Audiences expected to be able to watch the episodes in the early hours, but many were disappointed.

Accompanied by hundreds of motorcyclists, Marc Marquez then stormed the streets of Madrid (video)

As it turns out, the series wasn’t available in a handful of countries for hours when, in theory, it should have been. When a Dutch Twitter user asked about it Amazon help, Whether this problem can be addressed, they can’t give a useful answer either. At first they replied that it was already available for viewing, and after the interviewer insisted it wasn’t, the only response was that it would be available soon during the day.

Like many other interested parties around the world, he was greeted with the message that he could not access the series in his location. Reddit revealed that the situation was similar in many countries, including regions with large markets. Subscribers in the US, UK, Germany, Romania, Singapore, and Romania, among others, had to contend with this.

As in Hungary, as with the experienced author of this article. Also based on Reddit, Australia and Portugal were definitely among the countries with no such issue, and Spain presumably wasn’t affected either, since they are the number one target audience after all. By the evening, the problem may have been fixed everywhere, so now you can really watch the series.

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Moreover, that’s not all: Swedish user wrote about itHowever, he managed to finish the series fairly quickly. The reason for this is that he accidentally started with the last ring, but it is not primarily his fault, because at that time only that ring was available to him. As he himself said, it was only natural for him up to that point for the series to start automatically at the beginning, and one could hardly be involved in this argument.

The series featuring Marquez did not have the best debut (Photo: MotoGP Media)

As is usually the case, some affected fans have been harsh and many have expressed their indignation, primarily towards Amazon. In a comment, someone directly pleaded with MotoGP not to cooperate with Amazon in the case of a new documentary or series, because there were similar problems with last year’s Unlimited series. So far, no one from the company has spoken to explain the cause of the problem.

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