The main decision of the government has been published: we support the EU rescue package for Ukraine

Government 1089/2023. (III. 16.) The latest Government Decision was published on Thursday in Magyar Közlöny under the title Government Decision on Concluding a State Guarantee Agreement on Extraordinary EU Macro-level Financial Support to be Provided to Ukraine.

According to them, the government approves European Parliament and (EU) Council Resolution 2022/1201 on extraordinary financial support at the macro-EU level to be provided to Ukraine, to be finalized with the European Commission and prepared by the European Commission, and on financial support Extraordinary at the macro level to be presented to Ukraine, the European Parliament and the Council (EU) 2022 / on the strengthening of the Common Reserve Fund with the help of guarantees of Member States and the rules for the replenishment of the individual reserve for some financial obligations related to Ukraine covered by guarantees based on Resolution 466/2014 / EU, as well as To amend Resolution (EU) 1201/2022 with the text of the State Guarantee Agreement based on Resolution 1628.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has given Finance Minister Mihaly Varga an immediate deadline to ensure the deal is concluded and signed on behalf of the government.

The background to the case is that after a long-term blockade and despite the harsh messages, the government still agreed at the end of last year to support Ukraine by dissolving the EU’s joint debt guarantee (and not on a bilateral basis, because it is required).

We have written here about the essence of the EU agreement:

Cover photo credit: MTI / Minister’s Press Office / Zoltán Fischer

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