The Hungarian Research Institute has identified the genetic heritage of the Hunyadis and Corvins series - Szent Korona Rádió

The Hungarian Research Institute has identified the genetic heritage of the Hunyadis and Corvins series – Szent Korona Rádió

Within the framework of Hungarian-Croatian research, the genetic origin of Hunyadi’s descendants has been established through archaeological studies led by the Hungarian Research Institute.

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In the declaration, they recalled that the investigations into the historic Hungarian ruling houses were initiated by Miklós Kassler and his colleagues in 2014, and then continued by the Hungarian Research Institute.

An archeological investigation of Hunyadi’s house began in 2020, after consultation with the Bishop of Varasd, and the Liboglava Cemetery was opened in Croatia, the burial place of Matthias Hunyadi’s son, Janos Corvin, and his grandson, Christophe Corvin.

“Hungarian Research Institute staff succeeded in isolating DNA during sampling under harsh conditions, and radiocarbon dating confirmed the archaeological and historical data”

they wrote.

Corvins have an ancient European genome make-up

Next-generation sequencing was used to determine the whole genome sequence of the remains from those in the grave, which showed a wide Eurasian distribution in both. They pointed out: The genetic relationship between father and son has been confirmed by conventional methods and whole genome data.

And they confirmed: the tests showed that the Corvins had an ancient European genome make-up, and showed the greatest genetic similarity with the European Neolithic samples, which could also be derived from the Carpathian Basin, and the early Hungarian Neolithic and Chalcolithic samples.

They also showed that the genetic ancestry of both maternal lines is consistent with the maternal ancestry known from historical data.

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The research involved specialists from the Hungarian Research Institute, the University of Szeged, the University of Pécs, the Hungarian Institute for Judicial Research, the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Information and Praxis Genomics in Atlanta. The results were published in the international journal Helion, the announcement states.

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