The Fortnite developer must pay an official amount of HUF 93 billion in compensation to the news block

The US Competition Commission (Federal Trade Commission, FTC) has ended an order requiring Epic Games to pay Fortnite players $245 million (93 billion 66 million forints) to “trick users” into making in-game purchases.

As the game’s popularity and profits continue to rise, so too have financial and consumer watchdogs, both in the United States and elsewhere. Investigations related to the company’s business practices in the past year at the end of the year peaked, then they had to pay a fine of 520 million dollars (197 billion 346 million forint) in connection with the failure to protect the privacy of young players.

The just-completed $245 million payment order by the Federal Trade Commission is part of this larger case, as the scams allegedly included confusing button layouts. This allowed players to accidentally spend money in Fortnite with the click of a button, and Epic Games did it on purpose Make it easy for kids to do this without parental permission Pay.

If that wasn’t enough, players who contested false accusations would be answered, and their accounts locked. Epic must use $245 million to reimburse users for wrongly charged fees and the company will now be barred from using similar tricks.

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