The first to navigate is "Shadow Tactics: Aiko's Choice"

The first to navigate is “Shadow Tactics: Aiko’s Choice”


The standalone add-on will be released later this year.

30/8/2021 20:44 | Greg | Category: game

a Mimi Games In 2016, he revived the genre of tactical real-time strategy games that was still very popular at the turn of the millennium, when Shadow Tactgics – Blades of the Shogun was created. The business, created in medieval Japan, was a huge success, followed perhaps by even higher success in the form of the 2020 Desperados III.

The studio currently keeps several irons on fire, one of which will take us back to the world of medieval Japan. Even in the spring it was announced that Shadow Tactics: Choosing Aiko, which will be a standalone addition to Blades of the Shogun. That is, we don’t get a whole new game, but we won’t need the base game to run the add-on.

Aiko Choice has received its first gameplay demo, timed for this year’s gamescom, where we can once again see the team we met in the base game (already, as many of them remain) in action. By the way, the story is based on Aiko’s past, as he was once a pupil of a dangerous spy. Although he had already thought that he had settled with that life forever, his old master, Madame Qiu, had reappeared.

The addon will include a total of three main missions and three side missions, the latter of which will obviously be somewhat shorter. We still don’t know exactly when the Aiko option will be released for today, but I do know sometime in December. ■

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Shadow Tactics: Akio's Choice

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szbszig 08.30.2021. 20:52
Only 3 (+3) missions? This looks a little skinny…

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