The European World Cup qualifying system may change, and the exit will be more difficult

At Wednesday’s meeting of UEFA’s executive committee, a final decision can be made on several important questions.

the According to information from the Spanish sports newspaper AS Among these, the most important is undoubtedly the development of the required World Cup qualification system, because 48 teams will qualify for the 2026 tournament, which will be organized by the United States of America, Mexico and Canada, and 16 teams from Europe. There will be instead of 12..

UEFA’s goal with the new system is twofold: there should be fewer goals in the qualifiers, and fewer matches in which a very good team beats a much weaker team. In the sense of the round plan, the starting teams are sorted into 12 groups of first and second teams, where the winners will go out directly, while the second place in the group will be decided by the group runners. -above.

Aleksander Ceferinen, UEFA President, and finally the Committee now have the eyes of the Continent.Source: AFP / Fabrice Cofrini

The League of Nations could also be reformed. Here, UEFA opens up a bit of the way to the final with a gate. Unlike the European qualifiers, this means extra points for the best.

Also for the final decision on the appearance of UEFA Euro 2028. However, UEFA’s position on this issue seems exceptionally conservative: despite the testing of the 32-team tournament, given the opposition of the strongest European teams, which is considered an affront to the quality of championship, there will be no competition for the championship. in this time.

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