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The clock speed record was broken for eight years with Lake Raptor

The clock speed record was broken for eight years with Lake Raptor

It didn’t take long for the best blues solution to get off the ground.


Highest CPU clock to date, 8722.78MHz in August 2014 It was achieved with an AMD FX-8370 processor with 4GHz and 32nm core manufacturing technology, but this amazing result has now been undone, as the son of Intel’s latest solution, codenamed Raptor Lake, has set the previous record of 90MHz.

(Source: HWBOT / ASUS) [+]

The Died Swedish maximum tuner operating under on HWBOT There is also the issue of waist weapons. In the process, the man is powered by a high-efficiency LEPA G1600 power supply of 1600W and 80 Plus Gold with 24 phase VRM. ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Apex He relied on the extraordinary capabilities of the board, but unfortunately did not reveal the contents of the RAM modules used.

(source: Elmore @HWBOT) [+]

The new world record means that ASUS has been leading the global leaderboard in terms of managed CPU frequency for 12 years now, and we wonder if that will change in the near future with the release of new models from other manufacturers – in any case, it’s sure to. The most dangerous 13th generation Intel processor, the Core i9-13900KS, is approaching.

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