“This is the holy grail of shark research,” researchers said after capturing a white shark that gave birth just hours earlier. Something unusual may also be observed on the animal.

Perhaps for the first time, a nature photographer has captured a newborn great white shark.

the Environmental biology of fish According to a publication published by the magazine on Tuesday, photographer Carlos Gaona and doctoral student Philipp Sterner were able to observe a pregnant female off the coast of California in July 2023.

The marine predator sank, and a short time later a small shark surfaced looking directly into Gauna's drone camera. Naturalists had already managed to photograph young white sharks, but the specimen born just a few hours earlier was never “this is the holy grail of shark research,” Gaona emphasized.

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The baby shark captured at the tip of the lens was covered in a white coating. The researchers came up with two theories: that it came from the female's womb, or perhaps from some skin diseases.

They are now trying to find out if the area where the recording was made could serve as a “nursery” for white sharks.

The researchers' goal is to protect the marine area near Santa Barbara.

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