An unusual notice appeared on one of the South Korean company’s websites. It was not difficult to guess who or for whom it was.

Many Apple fans were angered by the text that can be read on Samsung’s website called iTest. It was a kind of introductory letter in which the steadily deceased CEO, Steve Jobs, and his clothes were discovered.

a Newwen According to the message, it was pointed out that all “samsungos” are unique, so their hardware is not the same. On the other hand, a turtleneck man will tell you what a cell phone would look like. The letter did not say who it was, but it is easy to guess that Steve Jobs was intended.

The inconvenience of the situation is only exacerbated by the fact that text can be read on a page maintained by Samsung so that users of the other system can also try out the (android) features available on Galaxy devices. On the other hand, the unusual message completely sparked outrage, and many iPhone users expressed their displeasure on Twitter. However, many of them have complained of what is like using the deceased’s clothing habits for marketing purposes.

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