There was only a makeshift bowl full of compost where, according to Momentum, people were bothered by the smell. Rakai noted however: This has been the case for hundreds of years and they are not complaining. According to the mayor, it’s not really like that.

Specialist Rákay Philip, whose material came from a horse farm, spoke in the case of the Budakeszi Horse Body Gate. Rakai, who recently appeared as a right-wing government narrator, is too ATV Newsletter Reply to Momentum’s “revealed” yesterday.

The opposition party noted that horse manure from the Rákay horse farm had been deposited next to the Budakeszi Church. But in the Natura 2000 area, where landfills can only be disposed of with permission – attention was drawn to the momentum, which, moreover, says

Because of this, there was an unpleasant smell around the church in Bodaxi which really disturbed the hikers and passersby.

Rakai told ATV that there had indeed been a container that Momentum had discovered near his home for a while, but “only temporarily.” Incidentally, he says that the proximity of the church is also not a concern, because “there has always been a barn next to the church, since the 1700s.”

“It’s not about deliberately breaking pepper or lemon under the noses of those who go to church, I consciously take horse dung here from somewhere, it’s not about that, it’s about what it looks like, this barn is next to the church plot, “- he said.

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“It’s a small community, and believers have been coming here for years, but no complaints whatsoever,” he added. This was also confirmed by the mayor of Budacese, but he realized there was a problem. At the very least, he said, “No complaints were received, but the issue was resolved.”

Momentum responded to Rákay’s statement that if the container and the smell didn’t bother the hikers, they wouldn’t get the news. They also noted that unless Philip Rákay buys the forest, the container remains in a nature reserve, although “the success is no longer there”.

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Momentum: laying horse manure from Philip Rákay's horse farm next to the church in Budakeszi


The container next to the church is located at the Natura 2000 site where garbage can only be thrown with a permit.

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