The next day, the device was used to take out a Boston bike.

Apple unveiled its new tool, AirTaget, in mid-April, to help users find their lost items, such as their keychain. However, it soon became clear that the device could be used for something more useful: for example, a stolen bike could be found with him.

Shortly after its launch, a bike shop actually showed how to do it, and it now appears to be working live.

a GadGet Lite According to his report, a man named Gene Gorter was in the news stolen from his bike in Boston on the night of the Fourth of July. The next morning, he only noticed that he didn’t have the two wheels, but he remembered putting the AirTag in the bag it came with. With the help of the tool, he was able to tell if he could pretty much possess it.

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According to the report, he handed over the tracking data to the police, who found the bag with AirTag in the trash, as well as the stolen bike not far from it. Gorter also shared his story with his YouTube followers.

It turns out that the thief did not notice the AirTag in the bag, so he threw it outside. It is not known who tied the bike and the police have not yet arrested the culprit.

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