Nothing shows the rapid development of the IT sector better than the advent of increasingly better and faster devices. All this can also be seen using the USB standard.

A few years ago, we wouldn’t even have imagined that a traditional USB cable could be replaced with a more convenient USB-C port that worked on all sides. Extensions belonging to the standard generally have speeds of up to 40 Gbps, which is especially useful if the user wants to transfer a lot of data. But this is not the ceiling.

The USB Implementers forum responsible for the platform confirmed the same thing the other day Advertising The next generation is also built: it’s called USB4 version 2.0, and it’s twice as fast as previously described, at 80 Gbps. All this is made more useful by the fact that the user will not have to buy a new cable: according to the announcement of the USB Implementers Forum – which the edge Quotes – this speed

Existing passive USB Type-C cables capable of 40 Gbps will also be able to access it.

The director of standards did not explain how this was possible, but a spokesperson for the organization stated that this was a requirement when developing the new specification. Implementation details won’t be carried over to the grave anyway, but will also be announced when the new product is officially launched – at least according to the current promise.

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It is not yet clear when the new standard will actually reach consumers. According to the announcement, the standard can only be tested by developers at the moment.

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