Using artificial intelligence, Meta is developing a new translator that can handle a total of 100 languages.

Although some of them are still available online translator programMost of them can be downloaded to our phones, and the result they get is not perfect at all. Also, limited access to certain languages ​​is possible, making it more difficult for smaller communities.

This is why Meta, which includes Facebook, Instagram, and a service capable of translating into 100 languages, has embarked on a major effort. to realize. The development is based on artificial intelligence, but it’s more straightforward than that: Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO, says the solution will be speech-based. That is, users will not have to type in the unknown word to view the report. Their device translates it as soon as they hear the speaker. (The process works in reverse, of course).

Zuckerberg says the ability to communicate with anyone, in any language, is a superpower that people have always dreamed of. “And AI will make that happen in our lifetimes,” said the programmer billionaire. Interesting geometry according to.

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The system is referred to as “leaving no language behind” and is said to require much less data to learn new languages. In addition, as discussed above, he is able to translate speech directly into speech. According to Zuckerberg, this will be especially useful when early users log into the metaverse (the Internet To the surface referred to as the new world) and meet people of all nationalities.

The company did not say when it plans to launch the translation service.

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The translation feature has been added to Instagram, it will be worth a try

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Apple also provides its mobile and desktop platforms with its own translator. The service, which is also available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices, will not require an internet connection.