Millie Houlton, 22, received a parking fine in York City, despite having a two-year parking permit for the space. ChatGPT helped him draft the appeal.

A student living in York, England, has successfully appealed to the City Council over a 60 pound parking fine – roughly CHF26,000. It’s not the interesting thing about the story, but the fact that he used artificial intelligence for this: he wrote the appeal letter using a bot, and reported BBC.

Millie Holton, 22, used ChatGPT to draft the appeal, according to the Post. The York student decided to appeal because the fine was imposed on him in error: he had parked on his street, but had a pass.

Holton said he provided ChatGPT with all the information in detail about when and how he was punished, as well as why the decision might have been wrong. After a few minutes, he received the answer, which he subsequently sent to the city council.

As he says, the machine argued that, as a student, he had already paid his parking permit two years in advance, and that was why he had not parked where he could be fined.

The city council eventually accepted the argument and set aside the sentence.

Houlton wasn’t alone in seeing the potential in this kind of AI application. At the beginning of the year, an American company planned to use a development called DoNotPay to protect itself in court, but the company received so many threats that this test was eventually not implemented.

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However, a Colombian judge involved ChatGPT in the decision-making process, but this caused quite a stir.

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