Nyékvárkonyi siker az országos seregszemlén

Success in Nyékvárkony in the National Army Parade

The final match of the National Army Review took place in Tove-Toumba at the last weekend of May in Érsekújvár. The main organizer of the event was the National Council of Cimadoc, which was joined by the Cimadoc Regional Committee, the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Slovakia, the Association of Hungarian Teachers in Slovakia, and the Association of Hungarian Parents in Slovakia.

school records

Also participating in the competition were three students from Ferenc Mora Primary School in Nikvarkonyi: Liliana Katona, Hana Napsugar Nagy and Bence Kiss.

The school fun is limitless as the young students did a great job parading the army.

On the crucial day, in the first category of prose narrators Katuna Liliana in second place, Great Sunshine Hanna It finished in third place.

The students were prepared by teacher Laura and teacher Aunt Andrea Vig.

Soldier Liliana and the great sunbeam Hanna

“Out of nearly 3,000 rookie players here, out of more than 100 national finalists, our three hopes were also an absolute chance for a place. Their productions are mature and clean. With the aging of our school’s reputation, we closed the show with a beautiful score, with the categories judged by representatives and serious authorities with plenty of experience in poetry. Here, every sound, tone, tradition, and breath took on weight. It was a huge experience among so many promising talents to struggle to see our students in their ornate mother tongue!” Read on the school’s website.

Detailed results:

a poem:

Category 1: First place: Anna Gal Viraj – Lagos Tarzy Primary School – Hitney, 2nd place: Kosorín Dalma – Juhász Gyula Primary School – Leva, the third place: Noé Zoé – Eötvös Street Primary School – Komárom, Special Award: Pal Fanny Blanca – Primary School & Kindergarten – Almagee

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Category 2: first place: Sofia Lina Szabo – Janos Selye Grammar School – Komarom, 2nd place: Barry Nicholas Philip – Primary School – Nagydaróc, the third place: Purbala Bukowski – Joseph Kausani Primary School and Kindergarten – Saint Peter, Special Award: Ladányi Viola – Marianum-Church School Center-Komárom, Special Prize: Néma Noel – Felsőszeli Széchényi István Primary School

Category 3: First place: Eszter Szőcs Zoltán Kodály Primary School – Galanta, 2nd place: Antal David – Bailey Primary School, the third place: Sarah Sebestin – Marianum Church School Center – Komarom, Special Award: Jasmine Babindak – The Battle of Baros Gabor Primary School

Category 4: First place: Szalai Mátyás – Sele Janos High School – Komarom, 2nd place: Sara Gal – Zoltán Kodály High School – Galanta, the third place: Dorotia Bukowski – Zoltan Kodali High School – Galanta, Special Prizes: Dóra Jančík – Janos Selye Grammar School – Komarom, Patrick Bidiks – Zoltan Kodali Grammar School – Galanta, Kinga Nagy – Janos Selye Grammar School – Komarom

Category 5: First place: Agnes Sandor, 2nd place: Anikó Bohák


Category 1: First place: Naňo Konrád – Marselhasa Primary School, 2nd place: Katila Liliana – Mora Ferenc Primary School – Nikvarkuni, the third place: Nagy Hanna Napsugar – Ferenc Mora Primary School – Nikvarkonyi, Special Award: Victor Scholkes – Ferenc Vigevernicki Co-Managed Catholic School – Ipolisag, Casriar Napsugar Gabriela – Eotvos Street Primary School – Komarom

Category 2: First place: Petra Sophie Iman – Primary School and Kindergarten – Bishop of Bratislava, 2nd place: Matthias Struhar – Ady Endre Primary School – Sturovo, the third place: Horňák Júlia – Primary School – Posetta, Special Prizes: Mara Arena Sara – Tumba Mihaly Primary School – Rimasumpat, Ritzner Dorka – Marai Sandor Grammar and Primary School – Kosice

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Category 3: 1st place: Majer Jázmin – Eötvös Street Primary School – Komárom, 2nd place: Peter Carolina – Auguston Bongrach Primary School – Quarter, the third place: Erik Gerencséry – Marcelissa Primary School, Special Prizes: Martha Ksongor – Maria Sandor Gymnasium and Primary School – Kosice, Ilo Dominic – Szénzi Molnar Albert Primary School, Varga Zsenit – Primary School – Posetta

Category 4: First place: Képór Lóránt – Márai Sándor Grammar School and Primary School – Košice, 2nd place: Crane Csenge – Caudalie Zoltan Grammar School – Galanta, the third place: Molnar Carolina – Private Vocational High School – Jota

Class 5: Special Award: Matteo Yasmine – University of Constantinople in Nitra – Nitra


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