She performs her own transplants on the oldest woman in America

She performs her own transplants on the oldest woman in America

The Florida mom says her health is more important.

Neelen Ashley He also underwent three surgeries to tell him he had the largest (abnormal) breasts in the United States. He is now preparing to show off his implants.

A mother of two lives in Miami with a following of 2.5 million Instagram1.2 million a TikTokon By her own admission, her breasts have become an important source of money, but in the meantime she can’t stand the pain of big breasts.

daily Mail Article – Commodity According to the weight of the body parts, Ashley suffers from severe back pain. He’s had migraines many times before, but the unbearable pain has become more frequent in the past three years. You can’t do the exercises properly either, large parts of your body prevent you from moving.

Your plan is to take out the implants and put a smaller one in their place, or – after liposuction – you choose to have your own fat filling procedure. But that wouldn’t be the case these days, because, he says, she’s still waiting much longer — she hasn’t given up on having more children. Ashley already has two young sons, Jordan And Brody.

Neyleen Ashley has spent $17,500 on interventions so far.

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