Congress has recognized that not all UFOs are of human origin

Congress has recognized that not all UFOs are of human origin

As a result of documents released in recent years, it appears that it is increasingly established that not all UFO sightings are a product of human imagination. And the US Congress is a vice He recently admitted in a written document: He does not believe that all UFOs are man-made.

In a budget amendment to the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023, Congress made two startling demands. The first, and perhaps the most important, is that

The number of transmedia threats across domains to the national security of the United States has grown exponentially in recent times.

Their other claim is that flying objects believed to be man-made and non-human-made objects must be separated. Objects clearly identified as man-made during the analysis will be sent to the appropriate offices, and “under no circumstances should the name of the unspecified underwater atmospheric phenomenon be applied to them.”

The Pentagon calls such threats “transnational transport vehicles” that operate in water, the atmosphere, and even space in a way that human development cannot. The report also reveals that just a few months later, a new term for UAP was found, which was supposed to replace the term UFO. If the bill is passed, the unusual sightings should soon be referred to as UAUPs, that is, unknown atmospheric and underwater phenomena. Among other things, NASA will track these phenomena.

Marco Rubio The senator, deputy chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, has publicly stated that he would prefer UFOs to extraterrestrials rather than foreign weapons.

upon hearing the news Marek von RennenkampfA specialist working in the Department of Defense under the Obama administration wrote an opinion piece about hill About the situation in the newspaper. According to the former official, the creation of a separate category for sightings indicates that members of the Senate Intelligence Committee believe that some UFOs are not of human origin, and that the announcement is of great significance.

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Incidentally, in 2021 the Department of Defense released a report detailing more than 100 views it investigated. According to the report, some of the investigated phenomena could not be explained by current scientific models and more time and money were required to study the phenomenon. Congress gave them that, and now they’re asking the Pentagon to focus only on things that weren’t designed by human hands.

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