september tarot predictions 2022 |  astronite

september tarot predictions 2022 | astronite

In the first month of autumn, our attention turns to busy weekdays, and the Sun in Virgo enhances this effect. However, soon Mercury begins retrograde in Libra and completely upsets the strings…

Tarot reading in September (Photo: Shutterstock)

The Sun is in a practical Virgo, a sign of rationality It covers tender and sincere feelings. Mercury falls into the justice-loving and peaceful sign of Libra, but soon begins to decline and disturb the strings. The question is, are the foundations you build on secure enough? What do you need to confirm? Where do you need to move in order to create order in your life? Tarot divination will help you with this.

For fortune-telling on the September Tarot, keep silent and listen inwardly. Breathe deeply for a few minutes, let the thoughts run through you first, then slow down. Focus on the question that interests you, then choose a card and read its corresponding meaning.

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September Tarot Reading – Card 1

If you choose the first card, you draw a card called the Wheel of Fortune, which denotes the Wheel of Destiny, fateful turns. It refers to events – negative and positive – over which we have no control. This Tarot card is also a symbol of the wheel of time, which indicates that our plans take time to mature. Our position is important: we have to take the events that are happening now with a wise vision and be grateful with all our hearts that they have brought a positive turn. This Tarot card is associated with Jupiter, the planet of luck, abundance and prosperity. You can achieve security with the help of faith and trust.

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The Wheel of Fortune tarot card (Photo: Shutterstock)

September Tarot Reading – Card 2

If you choose the second card, draw the card called Ace of Swords. This Tarot card shows the power of recognition and the light of truth. Now you are able to look at your life and the people in it without prejudice and at the same time without judgment. You will have a realization that will help you move forward, or if that is what is needed, new paths will appear to you. This page tells you to trust your deepest suggestions, because your intuition is telling the truth. You can rely on your own internal security, because you have so much mental strength that you can handle anything.

The Ace of Swords tarot card (Photo: Shutterstock)

September Tarot Reading – Card 3

If you choose the third card, you will draw a Tower Tarot. This Tarot card indicates that the walls you built around you are now beginning to collapse. This may indicate that your sense of security is dissolving: events may occur in September that conflict with your past experiences and alert you. However, it can also indicate that you have simply “overstepped” the boundaries of your life and that you need new experiences to develop. Whichever is correct, openness and flexibility are definitely needed. This card can also show a profound process of transformation that you must go through in order to be regenerated and reborn.


the tower
A Tarot card called The Tower (Photo: Shutterstock)

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