Brussels was scared after unveiling a plan to represent national interests

Securing the energy supply is of paramount importance to Hungary

Attila Steiner, Minister of State for Development of Circular Economy, Energy and Climate Policy at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MTI), believes Hungary believes that the security of energy supplies should receive special attention when setting up EU sanctions against Russia.

Attila Steiner said that the meeting reviewed the energy supply situation in the European Union and the measures planned by the member states.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs stressed that the interruption of Russian gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria had no effect on the security of supplies in Hungary. Hungary continues to receive Russian gas in accordance with the treaties, transit through Bulgaria is ongoing and it is particularly important that this remain the case in order to ensure the security of the Hungarian supply.

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At the Energy Council meeting, Attila Steiner also reported that Hungary has invested a lot in the gas network in recent years, and built cross-border capabilities, but it also needs member states and other foreign countries in terms of gas resources. . He also noted that Hungary has one of the largest natural gas storage capacities in the region.

The Secretary of State said crude oil supplies are continuing. He stressed that the local refinery is optimal for processing Russian crude oil, so due to technical and logistical capabilities, Hungary has no room for maneuver and needs to maintain the transportation of Russian crude oil in the coming period.

As he said, countries in the region have invested heavily in alternatives in recent years, but there is still a heavy dependence on Russian energy, and investments can be made in years to secure supplies from other sources.
He pointed out that rapid change can not be achieved, and the economy needs to secure supplies of Russian gas and oil.

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According to press reports, Hungary and Slovakia may get exemption from the EU oil embargo due to their status, Attila Steiner said no text proposal has been received yet.

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