Index - Tech - Comes with a craft beer simulator!

Index – Tech – Comes with a craft beer simulator!

Auroch Digital, a company called Brewmaster, is working on a fermentation simulator where we can, among other things, produce refreshing alcoholic nectar, which has been popular for thousands of years – of course, only roughly.

In the game, which will be released in 2022, we can become a true ‘beer expert’: we can learn the tricks of brewing, from the correct use of various ingredients, through the art of home making, to labeling, packaging and labeling.

A press release from a company called Sold Out states that the game is exclusive

Original chemistry-based fermentation techniques

Uses. Fortunately we don’t need chemical experience to do this, all we need is to be a player who loves (or is interested in) beer.

We also have to deal with the beer trade, “all the tricks”, but for that we need the best equipment possible

Let’s make a really delicious beer.

Additionally, we can participate in friendly contests, and we can continually refine our recipes, improve the quality and configuration of our recipients, or even equipment. We can label the beer ourselves or design the logo.

We can leverage our brewing ambition in a variety of game modes: there is even a Story mode, with a story that addresses the beer guru’s profession.

The press also reported that although we can use an ultra-modern fermentation technology, the fermentation itself has been around since around 10,000 BC. This means that

Humanity learned to prepare beer before writing.

As far as the graphics of the game are concerned, the games that appear on PC and all previous and current generation consoles are not miracles of modern consoles and computers (we can also see this from the video below), but this game is also original it seems that this is probably a sin justified On the part of the developers this time.

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To quote a Youtube comment below the video:

Time to digitally drink from virtual beer!

Once we get hungry from real beer, We drank less than ten times last year.

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