Samsung could also make a third foldable smartphone this year

Samsung could also make a third foldable smartphone this year

Samsung strongly believes in the success of foldable smartphones, and recent years have proven the South Korean giant. There are currently two series maintained for this type of device, one the Galaxy Z Fold series that looks almost like tablets and the other the Galaxy Z Flip series, which summons and brings back the golden age of clamshells. According to the latest information, Samsung may launch a third series this year.

The Galaxy Club He knows that a third floppy will also debut this year, and this chess was based on code names leaked by the press crew. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 models were introduced last year b 3 and the Q 3 The icons were worn during development, but now there are three indicators, one of them b 4and the other Q 4 – So they are clear on which devices they can refer to – and the third is N4.

The leak also revealed that Samsung will not be producing as many copies of this particular third phone as other foldable smartphones. We have no idea yet what features this particular device might have, but since Samsung has filed several patents for special display technologies, we can imagine just about anything.

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Concepts that could be folded with a screen or folded in certain directions were among the protected ideas, so any of them could be expected to appear.

source: GSMArena

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