Oroszország keményen szabályozza, hogyan működjön a Netflix kép

Russia strictly regulates how Netflix works

The service provider must also make available twenty public television channels.

One would think that Netflix, as a service provider, can decide for itself what it wants to make available to its users and not have to succumb to pressure from various governments, but in fact it regulates streaming platforms all over the world. In the European Union, including Hungary, the rule is that 30-40% of the available content must be local, although it is a broad interpretation of what is important.

The relevant Russian authority, Roscomnadzor, has asked Netflix (and all streaming services with more than 100,000 daily active users) to host 20 state TV channels and is asking companies to set up a Russian subsidiary as of March.

In addition, content that displays extremism (extremist views) will be banned. If Netflix wanted to stay in the country, it would be forced to follow the rules and solve streaming channels.

By the way, Russia recently severely punished technology companies: Google and Facebook were also fined billions for displaying illegal content.

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