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Russia has succeeded in cutting off its connection to the global Internet

Russia has succeeded in cutting off its connection to the global Internet

Russia has successfully tested its own sovereign Internet technology, which for a while broke off from the global Internet – Writes Business Insider, citing the Russian business newspaper RBC Daily. The newspaper claims, based on documents it owns and an inside source, that the test could have been taken between June 15 and July 15 – and it worked. According to Reuters, there is no information about how long the disconnection took and whether Russian residents might have noticed anything at all.

Russia has been working on its own internet infrastructure for some time, which will be completely under national control, thus preparing for foreign sanctions and cybercriminals. So far, two tests have been conducted to find out: How will “RuNet” work directly if the country has to respond to external threats.

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev He said in February that he was legally and technically ready to disconnect from the global internet, but there was no indication yet that that would happen.

The technology is ready for that. All decisions have already been made at the legislative level, but this will not be easy and I do not really want to. So far, honestly, I don’t see any signs of that because it’s a double-edged sword

The former president and former prime minister said at the time. He justified his position on the grounds that such a move would lead to a move on the part of Russia as well, and that the country’s true and quoted friends are actively using the Internet to spread their own opinions and will not abandon this tool.

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According to Medvedev, Russia has a plan ready in case the United States shuts down the Russian Internet. He reminded him that the basic rights needed to run the World Wide Web were in the hands of Americans.

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