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Redfall developers are said to be confident Microsoft will delete the game  News block

Redfall developers are said to be confident Microsoft will delete the game News block

According to Bloomberg, Arkane Austin employees were said to be hoping Microsoft would cancel Redfall, or at least relaunch it as a single-player title, after buying ZeniMax in late 2020.

Redfall is one of the worst-rated games of the year and thus the biggest letdown, but according to a recent report from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, this didn’t particularly surprise the team working on the game. According to more than a dozen anonymous sources working in the vampire depiction business, the project suffered from “unclear direction, frequent attrition, and permanent staffing shortages.”

According to the article, the team was confused about what kind of game they were making at all, as they had referenced several different games during development, such as Borderlands and Far Cry. The project was understaffed throughout, at least compared to a multiplayer title, however Things took a turn for the worse when the veteran developers abandoned it The studio that wasn’t interested in making a multiplayer game.

It is also reported that approximately 70 percent of Arkane Austin’s employees left the company during the development of Redfall. Morale was so low that many employees hoped that Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax and Bethesda would end the game, cancel it, or “at best” relaunch it as a single player, which ultimately did not happen.

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