The debut of Counter-Strike 2 is said to be closer than we think | News block

Rumors about a sequel to Valve’s decade-plus competitive shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, have surfaced again, and according to insiders, a beta test of its successor, Counter-Strike 2, will soon be announced.

From time to time, news of the continuation of CS: GO appears, and recently traces of Counter-Strike 2 were found in the Nvidia driver. Recently, Richard Lewis, a prominent member of the Counter-Strike community, provided new information, and the journalist knows that Counter Strike 2. According to the gentleman, we don’t have to wait that long to get the beta version either, On April 1st, we’ll be able to try out Valve’s shooter.

History has certainly set off alarm bells for many, we wouldn’t be surprised if this is another joke from Valve. The game will allegedly run on 128 standard servers and with the Source 2 engine, and the matchmaking system has been improved a lot. We are eagerly awaiting when Valve will officially announce Episode II, seeing as the continued success of CS:GO, the community will certainly be receptive to a sequel.

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