'Red Bull Racing Wins the 2021 Designers Championship'

‘Red Bull Racing Wins the 2021 Designers Championship’

a Mercedes Since 2014, he has been unbeatable in both team tournaments and competitors. In front of them Red Bull She played a similar role, but since the beginning of the hybrid era, no one has really managed to get close to the stellar brand.

a Formula1.com On the other hand, his expert, Lawrence Barreto, believes that 2021 is not necessarily as far-fetched as we think. “This year will be different as Red Bull can draw his strength from stable rules.”

“Since the last championship championship in 2013, they started each season at a disadvantage because they were unable to properly understand the new car. But this year, there will be no clean slate and the bulls will take over 60 percent of their cars.”

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The truth can also give reason for optimism Max Verstappen He was able to smoothly pass the last race of the season in Abu Dhabi, a place where Mercedes had always been very strong. Based on that, last year’s RB16 could be a good starting point for this year’s racing machine.

According to Barretto, Red Bull may have a chance to pull the constructor title because a new teammate has joined Verstappen. It’s about Sergio Perez, who has already proven in his career that he can strike a balance between scoring places and performing well.

With the current pair of pilots, stable bases in hand, and building on strong shutdown momentum in 2020, there will be no more – and there will be no – excuses, ” says the expert, who thinks the energy fold could win something against Mercedes in the year 2021. -in.

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