Ramóna Lékai-Kiss used to be very daring: she was only judged in a sexy bra by Star in the Star - a Hungarian star

Ramóna Lékai-Kiss used to be very daring: she was only judged in a sexy bra by Star in the Star – a Hungarian star

In mid-January, TV2 announced that star in star In season eight, a renewed jury will evaluate the production. In 2022, alongside Szabi Papp, Attila Kökény, Zalán Makranczi and Lekai Kiss Ramona join.

The latter sat on the decision-making chair with great enthusiasm in the first broadcast, and for the first time in his life said yes to such a request. By the fifth week, the bulb fever was over, and this was reflected in his appearance.

Lékai-Kiss Ramóna was sentenced in a bra

Until now, he had a restrained elegance. We got to see her in a pretty pantsuit and princess evenings, but yesterday she was appreciated in a bolder ensemble than ever: She just pulled a sexy bra under her sparkly jacket.

Photo: TV2 / Star

Hotline was chosen by Linda Holdampf and Richard Demeter. The complicity was only heightened by the fact that the main hairstylist on the show had conjured her an extra curly hairdo. Neither Tila nor the jury left his presence without a word. As usual, they were at the beginning of the show for a few minutes, at which point their colleague’s dress was discussed.

“Dude, what is Opitz Barbie looking for in a jury, and why is she in a swimsuit?” Attila Tell started to get annoyed.

– I have one explanation for the swimsuit. By the time I got to the studio, the boys were hiding my clothes, so unfortunately I had nothing to record – the 37-year-old TV had stopped.

As with every broadcast, he has now posted on his Instagram page what he was wearing. In the comments section, he also received quite a few compliments for his hot mount and flowery figure. Eva Horvat and Zsovi Szabo wrote words of praise for him, but there were some speakers who considered his boldness an exaggeration.

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“This dress is great, but I don’t think it’s appropriate for a show like this. You’re beautiful and all the clothes are too good for you, but I don’t know why you have to unpack everything while the family is watching at home. I didn’t get it,” someone said.

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Cover Photo: TV2 / Star Star

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