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Let’s look at the world of work with Barack Obama – Human Resources Portal

Let’s look at the world of work with Barack Obama – Human Resources Portal

What makes a good job? Does it depend on salary, stability, or maybe work schedule? Can you make a living from it? Why does a CEO earn 350 times more than a worker? Former US President Barack Obama is the narrator, host and producer of a new Netflix series about working in a rapidly changing world. One of the characters has been a servant for 22 years, and the other is one of the first twenty employees of the tech start-up, but no longer feels like she has direct influence over operations. How do these people feel in different situations?

the Work: What do we do all day? This is work: what do we do all day? Through individual destinies and three workplaces, the series attempts to reveal how employees feel today, while remote work, artificial intelligence, and growing inequality radically shape the world of work almost every day. With a focus on hospitality, home care, and information technology, we get a glimpse of a hotel in New York, a home care services company in Mississippi, and Aurora, a technology company that has grown from startup to IPO.

The positive side of the structure is that he does not want to absorb too much, does not want to talk about everything, but illuminates the most general picture through the fates, everyday life and tasks of people working in particular companies, which Barack Obama’s narration also complements with the context of the main trends.

In addition, as a host, he visits these workplaces and meets the cast: from the maid to the head of the Tata Mumbai Group, which owns the hotel, from the home care nurse to the lobbyist fighting in the legislature to improve the status and financial compensation of nursing care, from the tester to the developer of systems The self-driving car company, the former Google employee has become the owner of Layers. That is, from the bottom of the pyramid to those who control the top.

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It is also discussed why, while in the 1970s a CEO would earn 30 times what a worker would earn, today that multiplier is 350 times.

Although they work in very different locations, they view the world through very different lenses, the responsibility and stress are different for them, and it is equally important that everyone is recognized and has the opportunity to develop. The series also asks the essential question, When do we feel good? What are the skills that will be in high demand in the coming period?

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