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PTE presented its comprehensive development strategy

PTE presented its comprehensive development strategy

The University of Pécs also aims to play a decisive role in the fields of research, science, healthcare and the arts, supporting the development of Hungary and the European Union. For the period up to 2030, the Strategy sets out all the directions determined by the PTE, with the approval of the supporting Universitas Quinqueecclesiensis Foundation, during the professional consultations led by the Faculties and the University Student Government in relation to the development objectives of the institution.

At the press conference on Friday, it was said that the PTE wants to play a prominent role in the Southern Transdanubian region in terms of intellectual achievement, the well-being of the people living here, and economic development, and is committed to creating an environment where a wide range of basic and applied sciences and arts can flourish in all ways. Forms of innovative thinking and creativity. The foundation’s priority is to foster university-focused innovation and research, and to engage the arts in order to improve the quality of life of the university’s citizens.

The strategic goals of the organization at PTE are sustainability, excellence in biotechnology, and in areas related to medicine and health sciences, as well as the effective application of the most important results of data science.

PTE is committed Sustainable development For this very reason, it has joined the city of Pécs in implementing the 100 Cities Mission, so that, for example, in order to achieve climate neutrality, it will be at the forefront of reducing the environmental burden, using resources more efficiently, and adapting to climate change. As the greenest university in Hungary, PTE contributes to making the future more sustainable by researching renewable energies and expanding the possibilities of using hydrogen.

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The goal of PTE is Biotechnology In the field of research To be at the forefront and develop new knowledge and technologies that contribute to making the world a better place. As one of the domestic and international strongholds of viral research and genetic sequencing, it lays the foundation for development trends. The high-quality scientific activity in the field of biotechnology of PTE, the so-called smart technologies and bionics research contributes to the development of Hungary and the world.

PTE to further develop the quality of student service Data science Tools and relies on the use of artificial intelligence. The data-driven process enables the creation of research and innovation frameworks that contribute significantly to the local and international recognition of PTE. Data-driven thinking, collecting, analyzing and using data appropriately, both in terms of guidance and development, is a very important foundation for the successful construction of the future.

The university’s system of strategic objectives is determined in the following main dimensions: the education and training dimension, the research, development and innovation dimension, the health care dimension, and the so-called third dimension of the mission. Through the latter, the University understands the services and extra-dimensional assistance activities provided to the residents of the Southern Transdanubian region, the country, as well as the regions of Central-Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans as part of its social responsibility.

The future vision of the institution is set out in the strategy such that in the future the University of Pécs wishes to become a leading player at the regional level, a critical player at the national level, and a leading player at the international level. .

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