Eric Torba finished fifth, and Tamás Lévai could fight for bronze

Eric Torba finished fifth, and Tamás Lévai could fight for bronze

Eric Torba couldn’t win the bronze medal in the 60kg category of tie hunters, so he finished fifth on the final day of the European Wrestling Championships in Budapest. Tamas Levi can still trust my bronze medal out of 82 kilograms.

Eric Torba marched to the condolence bronze match (Photo: Karoly Orvay)

Armenia dominated the first round, which the judges rewarded with a negative point (0:1), and he could try from the bottom as usual. Hold the two Hungarians very tightly and twist them twice in a row (0:5).

In the second act, Torba also got a chance in the position below (1:5), twice, but was never able to do a point worthy of the point – that’s right, the second time he was so close, he spotlighted and took Garrigan on his lap, but The opponent muzzled his head. Hungarian throw. The end result was five left, the Armenian could stand on the podium.

“If someone had said up front that I was wrestling here for a medal in imperfect condition, I would have said it wouldn’t be a bad result. I still have a feeling of inferiority when I finish the European Championship with a losing match. The Armenian man defended himself well, in the second half of the second round There was a huge portion, but it was excellent, so third place went too far. I’m sorry.” – evaluation Eric Eric After defeating the Armenians, Gevorg Harrigan.

On Sunday, we will be interested in two finals (István Vancza, Robert Fritsch), after which Tamas Levi will also have a bronze match.

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