Poor performance on Xbox compared to PlayStation 5!?

How heartbreaking that the Microsoft-owned studio couldn’t even optimize the game for Microsoft’s console during its one-year exclusivity period in a way that would perform better than the PlayStation 5…

But this is the case, however incredible. And you can hear this from a very reliable source: Digital Foundry’s new weekly podcast in part You can hear that Ghostwire: Tokyo performs worse on Xbox Series X than it does on PlayStation 5 in basically all areas. (While the game was released for a Sony console when Microsoft’s deal with ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda that published the game, was completed!)

According to Digital Foundry, the Xbox Series X performs approx. It’s 5-10% behind the PlayStation 5, but could be more in some places. VSync mode is designed for higher frame rates, and on the PlayStation 5 this combines between 90-100fps, while on the Xbox Series X it can drop to around 80. In terms of resolution, the two platforms are mostly the same, but in terms of In terms of quality, the Xbox Series X lags a bit behind the PlayStation 5. Ray tracing is not well implemented on Microsoft’s console: reflections are low-resolution and shadows are misaligned. The situation is no better on the Xbox Series S: there is no ray tracing here, and the frame rate shows up below 60fps in Performance mode.

How did Tango Gameworks put this together? You can’t say they don’t know the Xbox Series. At the beginning of the year, Hi-Fi Rush was released as a surprise for the PC and Xbox series, which technically outperformed the Redmond company’s own pair of consoles. Here we can even delve into conspiracy theories: maybe Microsoft scrapped the Xbox version of Ghostwire: Tokyo outright (while also receiving the Spider’s Thread update, which inexplicably gave the game Denuvo on PC…?!) in order to lower it themselves so they could Acquiring Activision Blizzard King?

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It’s a very strange situation.

source: WCCFTech

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