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Paris for beginners – or the place that looks like the French capital in miniature

Paris for beginners – or the place that looks like the French capital in miniature

Many people feel that Paris does not meet their expectations. Whether it's attractions that seem too crowded or streets that are dirtier than expected, the French capital can be disappointing at times. Related to this is the so-called condition called “Paris Syndrome”, that is, a kind of pity that some people feel when they do not get what they imagine from the city. You don't have to give up on France because there are plenty of places that are romantic, glamorous and disappointing – one of them is Nancy, only referred to as 'mini Paris', which can beat the capital in terms of tourist experience.

Modeled on Versailles and Place Vendôme in Paris, Nancy is like Paris in miniature, without the crowds.

The city, hidden in the northeastern half of the country, was designed in the style of Paris by Szanieszław I, the deposed Polish king, after the 14th century. Lagos married his daughter. Saniszlo was appointed Duke of Lorraine by Louis, who expressed his gratitude by rebuilding the city. He didn't think much of it: he copied the most extravagant buildings in Paris, then sprinkled all the facades around the main square with gold dust.

Incidentally, the main square itself is one of Nancy's most popular attractions, winning the 2023 Traveler's Choice award from TripAdvisor, among other things.

The pedestrian square is loved by tourists, and it's no surprise that it has thousands of five-star reviews, although many people think pictures don't really capture its charm.

It's worth traveling to Nancy just for the space, because you wouldn't really expect to find such a great place in a lesser-known French city. The wonderful night lighting is also not to be missed.

Another landmark in Nancy is the Parc de la Pépinière, known to locals simply as La Pep. The park's most famous attraction is the Mozart Orchestra Pavilion, or Mozart's Kiosk, which has been there since 1875. It's quite hidden in the park's English Garden, where you can get waffles and ice cream – no wonder tourists and locals alike go there for… that.

Nancy also has amazing monuments erected before the ascension of Szanieszló I. Among them is Disney's La Porte de la Craffe, a massive gateway to the old town that starred as part of the city's 14th-century fortifications. It rises above the streets behind it, and also provides a wonderful view of the bars and cafes in the area.

Like its architecture, Nancy's gastronomy also evokes a Parisian role model.

The city's most famous macarons were made by two nuns who hid here during the French Revolution in the 1790s. They baked and sold delicacies so that they could pay their rent with the money they received (they later became known throughout the country as the Macaron Sisters).

Mirabelle peaches, Saint Ivre cake and gingerbread are at the top of the list of local desserts to try.

So, for those who want to visit Paris, but don't want to risk disappointment, Nancy is probably a safer option to begin with. As the New York Times wrote, “In beauty and culture, Nancy is like Paris to the uninitiated.”

An article published on Euronews wants to prevent tourists from wasting their valuable time on monuments that are very popular, but for that very reason are so flooded and disappointing that they regret visiting them anyway. What is important is that among the distinct attractions we find the most famous in each city.

(source: the sunImages: Getty Images, Unsplash)

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