Our gardens and forests lack useful songbirds

Our gardens and forests lack useful songbirds

The shortage of songbirds appeared in agricultural areas in the past, but has now extended to wooded areas and vegetable gardens.

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“The problem is very complex, as there are both local and global causes,” Stephen Konihas, deputy director of the Hurtubage Bird Hospital, told the memo. The first category includes the fact that the size of natural forests in Hungary is constantly decreasing, while climate change or cultural impacts can be mentioned as a global problem. After all, while we love the sound of my ears, others prepare different dishes from it.

Not only the number of songbirds but also the number of migratory species is declining. The latter are caught by many, so they do not often reach their homes.

“Songbirds are also in similar danger. They often end up in the hands of smugglers, who catch them with a net and catch up to a thousand specimens with a single catch, many of which are unfortunately destroyed during transport. Those who survive are killed as pets, in cages.”

Is detailed.

a dangerous problem

The deputy director also emphasized that agriculture and climate change also play a major role in winter in the south, as artificial or natural processes can lead to the disappearance of habitats where birds have previously wintered, forcing them to continue searching for new sites, but not always. They are lucky. One of the biggest problems facing songbirds, as they do not migrate at a height of thousands of meters, but do jump from branch to branch, is that the so-called green corridors are broken, so they are basically wooded parts of the waterfront dunes where they can migrate without disturbance.

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“Cities, for example, are ‘rift’, where they are at greater risk, as they have a hard time dealing with the harms of a civilization, they have little food, a sheltered place, and even predators can pick them up more easily, – said Istvan Konihas. Note that not only in large settlements, but also in small rivers or canals.If we cross the green path, the birds get stuck, try to turn, or just want to cut the area, and in the meantime they often get lost there.

The degradation of songbirds is a serious problem as they are very important components of nature’s complex ecosystem. They eat huge quantities of pests that humans cannot defend otherwise, not even by spraying.

We can do against it

When out of balance, the pests multiply tremendously, which can lead to ecosystem collapse over a long period of time.

– Think globally and act locally! Nowadays, it is almost uncommon for people to place artificial trenches or artificial nests in their harbors, which is a very useful initiative, as it increases the size of Hungarian birds, as emphasized by Istvan Konihas. He believes that “Thinking a lot goes a long way” makes a difference in the long run and pays off. Of course, we can do the same as “Little Man” against climate change. Whenever possible, choose a bike rather than a car, or have a walk and make sure to shoot properly.

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