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Floating Captain Csaba Sós: Need to change

Sós Csaba, a paraúszó-válogatott szövetségi kapitánya beszél a május 23-án befejeződött vizes Európa-bajnokságot értékelő sajtótájékoztatón a Duna Aréna előtt 2021. május 24-én. Jobbról Szabó Tünde sportért felelős államtitkár, az Európai Úszó Szövetség (LEN) alelnöke.

In general, the World Cup was not bad at all for the swimmers, nor was it worse, and not only because of two gold medals and the world record – although Gyorgy Tombic last won the world record in Hungary in 1957 – but the eighteen finalists in Basic sports are not. bad. There were three numbers where we had two finalists, said Chapa Suss, even if our best place was sixth.

Kristóf Milák finished this vébé with two singles victories and fifth places in the relay, which was the Hungarian star. Regarding him, the federal captain of the swimming team confirmed that it is even higher.

“We don’t think that’s it, we’re building it all the time. Every team has changed since morning, the Australian silver medalist almost took the risk and the Italian was eliminated, even though he wasn’t bad for the final, at the World Championships, Our four rounds could make it to the finals, and I don’t even know when was the last time we had it.”

Regarding the fourth, fifth and sixth places, Chapa Soss said the audience obviously expects and hopes for that, but we’ve seen since Tokyo that they can now appreciate the valuable places.

“You can see how Long Katinka was received even with seventh place, which comes from a great height, so it’s a problem in that regard too, but by the way, we’re just scratching the medal. The result is a heart, I have reason to, I don’t like it.

Opening photo: MTI / Balázs Mohai

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