Only with approval from the One Piece creator can a live-action Netflix adaptation begin

  • The final touches are already being done by the live representatives one piece– series
  • Oda Eiicsiró tries to reassure anxious fans in a message

Over the years, many providers and studios have attempted to bring a number of world-famous Japanese masterpieces to life in live-action form, but for the most part it turns out to be pretty bad, and fans are desperately tearing everyone involved in the project. Internet. Moreover, it has been in operation shortly since 1997 one piece Also joining the waiting list, the first official images of the upcoming series arrived at the end of January, and now the father of the manga himself, Oda Eiicsiró, has delivered a longer letter in which he tries to reassure anxious fans about the adaptation.

In it, the creator says he’s been working closely with the Tomorrow Studios and Netflix team since the beginning, with whom he initially had disagreements, but now work in perfect sync. He added that as per the provider’s promise, the series won’t start until it’s satisfied itself, though according to a previous announcement, the adaptation will definitely cut sail sometime in 2023. The creator also revealed that it’s a live-action. one piece The first season will consist of eight parts, and it’s already been finalized, so it’s possible that it will finally get its first teaser and premiere date soon.

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