Velvet - Gummy - Emma Watson poses with short hair in a perfume campaign

Velvet – Gummy – Emma Watson poses with short hair in a perfume campaign

Twelve years ago, almost everyone was shocked by the pictures in which a file appears Harry PotterHermione was shown films once with short hair after filming. More than a decade later, she’s ditching her long locks again, this time for a perfume campaign.

Emma Watson has become the official face of Prada’s soon to be announced new fragrance, Prada Beauty. The brand posted its first uploaded photo of the product on Instagram, where it immediately turns out that the actress returned to her style in 2010:

She’s wearing a fresher, coarser version of her previous hairstyle, and cuts more boldly with bangs—but only presumably in wig form.

Emma Watson took on a role not only as a model, but also as a director in the advertising film for the campaign, it is no coincidence that one of the concept slogans says: “More than just a face.” Natural beauty is good in many areas of life: in addition to being a successful actress, she is also an activist, quietly working.

She is the embodiment of the modern woman, a famous figure of feminine versatility all over the world

Prada said about Watson. Regarding the brand, the actress said:

“Prada has always transcended traditional frameworks and accepted beauty paradigms, becoming famous for its femininity that defies tradition. (…) It gives me great pleasure to create a campaign and to represent a fragrance that carries a deep philosophical concept behind it and its aspirations for sustainability can be said to be real and relevant.”

You can find more campaign samples on the brand’s Instagram page, ha click here.

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