Játék készülhet a Netflix legsikeresebb sorozatából bevezetőkép

One of the most successful series on Netflix could be made

A new contract with the series product can provide an excellent basis for adaptation.

The Netflix fashion drama, which was revealed last year, Bridgeton family It has proven surprisingly popular, with nearly 82 million interested in the series throwing the theme of English aristocracy with romantic and fantasy elements around its neck.

The series has thus become the most-watched production on the streaming platform ever, so it’s no wonder that Netflix has formed a closer relationship with Bridgerton family producer Shonda Rhimes, who also previously demonstrated at The Grace Clinic.

Rhimes Shondaland’s production company recently extended its contract with the broadcasting giant, Under the new agreement, over the next five years, it will be able to produce not only movies, but also live events, virtual reality content and games for its partner, which is said to be rewarding collaboration for $3-4 million.

That’s a significant increase from the $150 million paid for the first contract in 2017, which could fit a Bridgeton game. For Netflix, which is winking at the genre, this wouldn’t be a whole new field, as Stranger Things already had a couple of games that didn’t go well either. As for Rhimes, he also has some experience with this, because in 2009 he also graduated from The Grace Clinic. Taken to play, with moderate success.

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In the case of the Bridgeton family, of course, the question arises of what genre would suit her, but a multiple-choice, dialogue-based text adventure, for example, might work well for a universe based on a Julia Quinn novel.

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The next big throw in the chain is one anyway ball themed It will be in London, where visitors can enjoy the music “musical, mixed, perhaps less complicated activities”.

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