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One of the largest volcanoes in Hawaii erupted

One of the largest volcanoes in Hawaii erupted

A few years ago, this volcano destroyed 700 homes.

Kilauea volcano on the largest Hawaiian island has resumed activity, the Hawaii Volcano Observatory announced Monday.

The volcano located on the Big Island of the archipelago is showing signs of activity again after a two-month hiatus, after it began spewing lava on Sunday afternoon local time, and the leaking gases formed in the form of volcanic smoke. The authorities warned the public to avoid breathing smoke, but at the same time said that the lava flow did not threaten the inhabited area and facilities of the national park – where the volcano is located.

Currently, researchers are studying the degree of volcano activity. The readiness level was raised to warning level, at the same time the red air traffic readiness level was activated, which means the highest level.

Kilauea volcano, Hawaii’s second largest, showed similar signs for a few weeks in June. Its previous eruption lasted from September 2021 to December 2022. Kilauea volcano caused more serious damage in 2018, when its eruption destroyed more than 700 residential buildings.

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