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On these local beaches, you can feel as if you are outside

On these local beaches, you can feel as if you are outside

There are a host of local waterfront places that could easily rival any foreign tourist paradise. If you don’t believe us, listen now because we’ve rounded up some awesome items beach houseWhich will not disappoint and may even make up for your inability to relax outside the country this year.

Lake Tisza, Abádszalók

Abádszalók is about a two hour drive from Budapest, so it’s not too far and it’s a great cool place. The grass is green, the sky is blue, just like on the pages of some travel magazines, and the huge water slide promises an experience almost impossible to refuse. Are you ready to check?

Luba Beach, Bodakalasz

The place you don’t have to show anyone… Lupa Island is a popular destination when the mercury thread of the thermometer creeps high. With its sandy beaches and cute little thatched-roof suites, it gives the impression of a magical holiday resort with clear waters, we can almost see you sipping a cocktail in the sun, with meticulously SPF50 sun protection

Thermal Lake, Djmein

Do you toss the bikini and straw hat in your bag? We totally understand that, looking at the degrading thermal paradise, one feels as if one is staring at a faded postcard from the French Riviera with the inscription that we are waiting again. On the shore of the lake, sun loungers and parasols invite you to relax, while the spa area features a sauna, beach volleyball court, and giant slide to ensure no experiences are missed.

Sándortelep, Fonyód

Sándortelep in Fonyód is one of the lesser-known parts of Lake Balaton. Its sandy beach reminds us of a beach, and the willow trees are guaranteed to withstand the sweltering hours with a good book. And if you feel like you can no longer get a floss, all you have to do is take a few steps on the fine sand and you can actually sprinkle it in the refrigerated Balcsi.

Stone Stores, Csongrád

Kőröstorok, as you probably guessed from its name, refers to the mouth of the Kőrös River, where it reaches the Tisza River. It’s a great place on hot days, when the water level drops rather slowly, and along the long sandy beach you don’t have to worry about getting too close to those on the towel next door, everyone can sit comfortably here. There is a volleyball and soccer field, and you can ride jet skis, but you can even rent a boat with your friend for a romantic sunset cruise.

Lake Tisa, Sarod

The scenery of Sarudi Beach, referred to simply as the shore of Lake Tissa, makes it impossible to get enough. The sandy beach and green nature speak for themselves, and there is an added bonus point of the gradual deepening of the waters here too. However, it’s on the list because in the adjacent AdventureParton and Aquaglide theme park, you can experience plenty of extreme things that you can only do on the beach, so if you want a sense of life outside, this is one of those runners-ups.

The main role is relaxation:

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