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NICS-HSÚVC swimmers excel at national championship –

NICS-HSÚVC swimmers excel at national championship –

This year’s National Shark Championship was held in Szeged a few days ago. NICS-HSÚVC swimmers have had great results.

The first day ended brilliantly, with Oliver Nagy winning the silver and Benjamin Cohan winning the bronze. This is the detailed score line:

  • Oliver Nagy: second place at a speed of 50
  • Kohan Benjamin: 200-grain third, 50 quick sixth
  • Ádám Nándori: 50 quick in fourth
  • Luca Turok: Fifth place at 800 speed
  • Major Csanád: 5th in the Rapid 50, 5th in the 1500 Rapid
  • Szőke Sándor Bendegúz: 100 breasts 7th
  • Aksai Leela: 23rd place in 100 Breasts – Personal Best
  • Jorjo Copornik: 50th quick 36th – personal best

The surprise of the second day was the men’s 4×200 relay, where all four competitors outdid themselves and won the national championship title with a great performance.

  • Relay members in the morning: Jirgo Koepornik, Benjamin Kohan, Sandor Bendigoz-Szuki and Adam Nandori. Afternoon: Major Csanád – Bendegúz Sándor Szőke – dám Nándori – Oliver Nagy.
  • Men’s 400 Freestyle: Major Csanád – Massive personal best, eighth place
    Oliver Nagy – eighth place
  • Men’s 200 medley: dám Nándori second place
    Oliver Nagy – 4th place (Best Massive Personality)
  • Luca Turoc: 400 Fast 10th – personal best, 18th place back, personal best
  • Aksai Leela: 20th place in 100 comebacks – personal best
  • Kohan Benjamin: 12th in the 200 medley – personal best
  • Bendegúz Sándor Szőke: 15th place in the 200 medley – personal best

On the third day, 5 finals were contested and several podium positions were awarded:

  • Oliver Nagy was able to stand on the second step of the podium with a new individual record in a massive battle in the 200m.
  • Sándor Bendegúz Szőke won the bronze medal in the 200m breaststroke with tactical swimming and an impressive individual record.
  • Kohan-Benjamin cut 0.5 seconds off his best time in the 100-meter butterfly and finished sixth.
  • Ádám Nándori swam the third 400m of his life and finished in second place, proving once again that there are still reliable numbers to be on top.
  • The 4×100m multi-color relay finished fourth in the national championships in a very big fight. Team members in the morning: Major Csanád – Bendegúz Sándor Szőke – Gergő Kopornyik – Benjamin Kohán, in the afternoon: Dám Nándori – Bendegúz Sándor Szőke – Benjamin Kohán – Oliver Nagy.
  • Luca Turok: 10th at 200 pace – personal best
  • Aksai Leela: 200 breasts, 18th place
  • Nagy Frozcina: 14th place in the 100 butterfly
  • Women’s 4×100 medley relay, ninth place: Lila Aksay – Lina Bustos – Frucena Nagy – Luka Turok
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