Netflix is ​​in for the Oscars

Netflix is ​​in for the Oscars

For ten years, Netflix ran a popular art cinema in New York. With this move, the live-streaming giant earned an Oscar for its films and also saved the over seventy-year-old movie theater from emaciation.

Netflix announced on Monday that it has leased a cinema hall in Paris, New York for a long time, which closed in late August. The broadcast giant, who has already received a lot of criticism for threatening a real cinema experience with its service, has acquired cinema for the first time as it can showcase its films.

According to, Netflix has rented Paris, New York’s last single-screen cinema, for ten years.

Netflix previously rented out several movie theaters for shorter periods to ensure that its films qualify for movie awards, including an Academy Award. The Netflix movie Wedding Story, which the company wants to release to the Oscars, is already showing in Paris.

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The popular movie theater is now open to host Netflix special events and movie screenings

The company wrote on its Twitter page. In response, many movie fans welcomed the move to microblogging.

The 71-year-old Paris Cinema was at the time dedicated to distributing French films in the fun city-center of Manhattan.

The interiors of the 581-seat cinema are elegant, with blue velvet chairs in the hall to greet the audience and a purple curtain covering the screen. At the opening in 1948, Marilyn Dietrich cut the tape at the movie theater, the online edition of The Guardian reported.

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