Navalny pleaded guilty, prosecutors will be sent to the most cruel prisons

Navalny pleaded guilty, prosecutors will be sent to the most cruel prisons

A Russian court on Tuesday indicted Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny in a lawsuit accusing him of embezzling millions of dollars in donations to his organizations. Prosecutors had previously asked him for 13 years for fraud and wanted him to spend in prison.

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The accusations were previously described as a conceptual action in Navalny’s surroundings.

After the sentencing, Navalny can be transferred to a prison of the most stringent categories in the Russian prison world. Navalny is currently serving a 2.5-year sentence in a prison near Moscow for violating the release rules, which is also a conceptual measure.

“They can’t put everyone in prison. Even if you were sentenced to 113 years in prison, it wouldn’t scare me and the likes of me.”– Tell Even in last week’s trial Navalny was wearing a black prison uniform. The press could not be present at the trial, and they could watch the events on video, which were said to have been interrupted during Navalny’s speech.

Then Leonid Volkov, who is close to Navalny, told the Guardian that the Russian government wanted to put Putin’s rival in prison for life. According to Kyra Jarmis, a spokeswoman for Navalny who recently visited Hungary, how long Navalny will spend in prison depends on how long Putin will be in power. Jarmis recently gave an interview to 444, It can be read here.

fix: In the previous title of the article, we mistakenly wrote that Navalny was given 13 years, and instead it was decided in court only that he was guilty, and it was the Prosecutor’s Office that asked him 13 years. We apologize for the error.

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